Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation 30ml

Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation 30ml
Brand: Beauty Blender
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The most iconic tool in make up history has (finally!) met its match… Blenders, prepare to meet Bounce, a foundation that’s just as innovative as you’d expect from the brains behind Beautyblender. Creator Rea Ann Silva said, ‘We needed to find Beautyblender a partner, it needs a friend’ – and this light-as-air, 24-hour wearing formula is the best friend a blender (and you!) could hope for. The whipped, mousse-like formula dried down to a ‘velveteen’ semi-matte finish that preserves your skin’s natural radiance and, best of all, the innovative bottle features a Beautyblender-shaped well on its front (so no more applying foundation from the back of your hand!)

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