Beauty Blender OPal Essence™ Serum Primer

Beauty Blender OPal Essence™ Serum Primer
Brand: Beauty Blender
Product Code: Makeup
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Capture that golden hour glow with this hydrating serum primer which delivers the perfect dose of dewiness. The nourishing transformative texture creates a hydrating base so foundation glides over skin without clinging to any dry patches or lines while keeping skin from looking dull or too greasy. A powerful blend of fermented botanical extracts help soothe and brighten so skin looks better instantly and over time. Recommended for normal to dry skin.

In a consumer study with 30 participants over the course of 12 hours:

  • 100% of participants felt an increase in moisture immediately after application.
  • 97% of participants showed improvement even 12 hours post-application.
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