Charlotte Tilburry Eye Colour Magic LIner Duo - Green Lights

Charlotte Tilburry Eye Colour Magic LIner Duo - Green Lights
Brand: Charlotte Tilbury
Product Code: Makeup
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NEW! matte & metallic Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Green Lights, an eye-enhancing khaki-green eyeliner duo that LIGHTS UP YOUR EYES and makes hazel eyes look gold!

“The magical thing about these eyeliners is how they work in synergy with their matching Eye Colour Magic palettes. You put LIGHTS IN YOUR EYES when you wear the two together!! I like to use the matte end to add shape and depth and the metallic end in my inner corners and along the lower and upper lash line to make the eyes look bigger, brighter and more MESMERISING!”” – Charlotte Tilbury

With this magical coloured eyeliner, I’ve used the laws of contrasting colour to create an instant SPARKLE effect to make hazel eyes POP! Created to be like a Beauty Light Wand illuminator for the eyes, the matte end defines the eyes, adding shape and depth, whilst the metallic end adds light-play to amplify your colour contrast!

The stay-all day formula glides onto your eyes like silk to emphasise and amplify the look of your eye colour. The rich sparkling shades add a magical contrast to hazel eyes, and beautifully, harmoniously enhance green eyes!

"Darling, once you know the rules, break them! You don’t have to be a hazel-eyed honey to create this gorgeous green gaze. Green Lights looks magical on EVERYONE!" - Charlotte Tilbury


  • Easy-glide emollients for a gel-like application
  • Contrasting textures to amplify your EYE GLOW
  • The sparkling effects of the metallic end is proven to enhance the look of your eye colour sparkle!
  • 90% of users agree the product emphasises and amplifies the intensity of the eye*
  • Lasts up to 16 hours to take you from DAY to NIGHT!
  • Smudge-proof, waterproof & humidity-proof!

*Tested on 20 women after 16 hours

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