Colourpop x Shayla Eyeshadow Pallete - Proceed with Caution

Colourpop x Shayla Eyeshadow Pallete - Proceed with Caution
Brand: Colourpop
Product Code: Makeup
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Shayla x ColourPop

Your daily makeup routine has been interrupted by Shayla’s beat af new palette. Wearable warm toned eyeshadows look fierce on every skintone, while pops of vibrant yellow and orange create a look that’s uniquely its own. WARNING: Wearing shades from this palette may cause distraction to others around you, Proceed with Caution.


Proceed: matte pale banana Maintenance: matte chestnut brown Dead End: metallic yellow gold with silver flecks Warning: metallic tangerine with a gold flip HZRD: metallic deep bronze with golden flecks Caution: matte golden yellow Drill: metallic true copper Culture: matte soft brown Gloves On: matte black with copper flecks

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