Florasis Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Face Palette

Florasis Eastern Beasts Sculpting Makeup Face Palette
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4-in-1 palette for a natural defined contour

1. Miniature Relief Engraving: We reinvent traditional engraving artistry and carve the "Four Eastern Beasts" on the contour palette. The exquisite engraved patterns have beautiful significance. More than a contour palette, it is a work of Eastern engraving.

2. 4-in-1 Palette: The multi-functional palette can be used for contouring and highlighting, as well as blush and eyeshadow. You just need one palette for all your face contouring needs.

3. Excellent Powder: Only such silky soft micron-sized fine powder could be made for delicate engravings. With water-soluble components, the powder is highly pigmented, especially applied with a wet brush. Moreover, it is easy to blend without falling out due to the powder's 3D network structure.

4. Delicate and Seamless: The formula is enriched with peony and calendula extracts along with excellent moisturizing ingredients, making the powder more delicate for a seamless look. It is easy to blend and hides your pores. The palette is also suitable for beginners.

5. Clear Contours: The palette comes with matte and shimmer powder. The bronzer defines the inner and outer contours, the highlighter brightens depressions on your face, and the blush brings out your vitality, creating a natural sculpting look effortlessly. With a wet brush, the shimmer powder is lustrous as a galaxy and the matte powder is highly pigmented, creating a defined contour with shining highlights.

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