Florasis Fairy Peach Blossom Pressed Powder With Puff + Brush

Florasis Fairy Peach Blossom Pressed Powder With Puff + Brush
Brand: Florasis
Product Code: Skin Care
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A pressed powder of the Impression of Dai Edition that is oil-control and long-wear, with refined, portable design.

1. Design Inspiration: Inspired by the cultural symbols of the Dai people, including filigree jewelry, the peacock totem, and Dai brocade. Florasis created the delicate ornament on the top by using the filigree technique, and engraved the pressed powder with three-dimensional miniature patterns derived from exquisite, dynamic and inspiring Dai art.

2. Smooth and Ultra-fine:The formula is enriched with silk powder for a soft, smooth touch on your skin.

3. Oil-control and Long-lasting: Oil absorbent powder is added to reduce sheen and keep your makeup refreshed and defined throughout the day.

4. Dual-color Powder: The flesh pink and light green shades can be mixed to brighten the skin tone and create an even and natural-looking complexion.

5. Portable: The pressed powder is compact and portable, with a complimentary puff & fan brush.

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