Florasis Gorgeous Peach Blossom Silk Powder (Impression of Miao Edition) #02 Voile

Florasis Gorgeous Peach Blossom Silk Powder (Impression of Miao Edition) #02 Voile
Brand: Florasis
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Translucent matte for all skin tones, creating a misty matte and airy makeup

Silky pressed powder of the Impression of Miao Edition.

1. Design Inspiration: Inspired by Miao silver jewelry and butterfly patterns that are typical in the art of the Miao people, Florasis has crafted this unique case using the Miao silver engraving technique, as well as engraved the pressed powder with exquisite three-dimensional patterns using a pierced carving technique, in a stylish nod to the aesthetic heritage of Miao culture.

2. Lightweight Powder: The formula is enriched with silk powder and enhanced by the use of the constant-temperature powder baking technique. The compact is densely packed with finely ground powder for a translucent final touch.

3. Seamless Finish: The lightweight and oil-control powder delivers a transparent and seamless finish even after multiple applications.

4. Portable: The powder is densely packed and comes with a mirror, enabling you to retouch whenever, wherever.

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