Florasis Moisturizing Ginseng Lip Mask

Florasis Moisturizing Ginseng Lip Mask
Brand: Florasis
Product Code: Skin Care
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Gentle nourishment for the lips, moisturizing and soothing.

1. Product Benefits: A thick layer before sleep can soften and reduce lip wrinkles. A thin layer under your lipstick can moisturize your lips, enhance color, and avoid creases.

2. Light and Cooling: The lip gel mask is lightweight and easy to apply. It has a slightly cooling effect, which moisturizes your lips without greasiness.

3. Gentle Recipe: The formula is enriched with extracts of radix sophorae and Solomon's seal to pamper your delicate lips and reduce dryness and roughness.

4. Case Design: The case takes the sleek and delicate design of a cape gooseberry, one of the ingredients in the recipe.

5. Spoon Included: The lip gel mask comes in with a custom-made mini spoon to open the lid or scoop out the gel.

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