Guerlain Terracota Hestia Island Bronzing & Blush Powder

Guerlain Terracota Hestia Island Bronzing & Blush Powder
Brand: Guerlain
Product Code: Makeup
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Every summer, Guerlain unveils two new Terracotta XXL limited edition powders in a reusable metal case. 

This year, the collection is inspired by Ancient Greek goddesses, their extraordinary elegance and powerful femininity. 
Terracotta Hestia Island pays homage to the goddess of the sacred fire with a powder inspired by the iconic and fiery Terracotta shade 03, contrasted with a flash of vibrant pink blush. 
The colours can be blended together as desired to warm the complexion and enhance the natural radiance of the tan. A delicate dusting of gold traces a pattern reminiscent of the captivating finery of these ancient goddesses and illuminates all skin tones. 
The beaten golden case, like the finest jewels of the region, reveals a turquoise dome — an allusion to the Mediterranean. Guaranteed to transport you to faraway places!

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