Guerlain Two-Tone Blush Blush & highlighter Duo Neutral Pink

Guerlain Two-Tone Blush Blush & highlighter Duo Neutral Pink
Brand: Guerlain
Product Code: Makeup
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Refresh your complexion with the GUERLAIN Two-Tone Blush – Blush & Highlighter Duo, a two-in-one cheek essential that highlights and adds colour in one beautiful gesture.

The Two-Tone Blush is inspired by the world famous makeup technique of draping, an alternative to contouring that uses blush hues to define and enhance the features. A must-have for all blush lovers, this new GUERLAIN icon will breathe new life into your complexion and makes an ideal alternative for those who prefer a softer approach to contouring.

Like all GUERLAIN makeup, the Two-Tone Blush is dressed in decadent packaging and is beautifully scented, this time with the addictive violet notes of the timeless Meteorites fragrance.

Apply the highlighter to cheekbones and the coloured blush to the apples of your cheeks either with the included puff, or a fluffy brush.

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