Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Mini Lip Strobes

Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Mini Lip Strobes
Brand: Huda Beauty
Product Code: Makeup
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A game-changer in the strobing stakes, Huda Beauty’s Winter Solstice Mini Lip Strobes are guaranteed to turn winter into your favourite season for stunning lip looks. Packed with a unique combination of iridescent shimmer, glistening glitter and duo chrome pigments, this ingenious gloss bestows otherworldly gleam and is gorgeous worn alone or on top of your favourite lip colour. The collection features shades that have been specially matched to those in Huda’s {Winter Solstice Highlighter Palette} – there’s ‘Charmed’ (a coral tone with reflective pearls), ‘Bewitched’ (an opalescent lilac with warm sapphire undertones), ‘Starcrossed’ (a white gold duo-chrome with subtle bronze hues) and ‘Hypnotic’ (an irresistible combination of pink with silver reflect to give a unique metallic effect). 

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