Morphe Babe Faves Face Brush Set

Morphe Babe Faves Face Brush Set
Brand: Morphe
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Never miss a beat with nine of our best-selling face brushes and one game-changing beauty sponge. Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to other Morphe Babes that totes have your back.



M439 Deluxe Buffer (synthetic bristles)
The foundation of a bomb complexion. This brush is ideal for liquid and cream foundations, allowing ‘em to feel weightless on skin.

E3 Precision Pointed Powder (synthetic bristles)
Rushing out the door? Grab this multi-tasker to get things done. Fast. Use the side for bronzer and the top for highlighter.

E4 Angled Contour (synthetic bristles)
This brush is a true sculptor. Plus, the bristles are firm enough to add color but fluffy enough to diffuse.

M523 Tapered Powder (goat bristles)
Lays color exactly where you want it. The shape allows you to get in all the tiny spaces of the face.

M438 Pointed Contour (sable bristles)
The brush to have for on-point, precise contouring. Hello, shape and definition.

M310 Large Soft Fan (goat bristles)
A fan favorite for a reason. Sweep on highlighter or sweep away excess powder. It’s up to you, babe.

M501 Pro Pointed Blender (sable bristles)
Make it pop in the right spot. This brush is perf for that (more precise highlight on the highest points of the face.

M510 Pro Round Blender (goat bristles)
This double-duty brush is a nose-it-all. Great for nose highlighting and contour. Just like that.

M224 Oval Camouflage (synthetic bristles)
Apply concealer to one side of the brush and softly stamp where you want instant coverage. Use clean side to blend it all together. Hide and chic, Morphe Babe. Also doubles as a great brush for a killer cut crease.

Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge (latex-free)
Using the pointed end, apply your liquid foundation or bake with loose powder. Mic drop.

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