Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Master Remix Brushes Collection

New Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Master Remix Brushes Collection
Brand: Morphe
Product Code: Brush/Tools
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A Morphe Babe can never have too many bomb brushes. Keep your skills (and contour) sharp with 15 brand-new, high-end eye and face brushes that mix and mingle perfectly with the game-changin’ Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Master Collection.



  1. JH11 SWEEPING BEAUTY BRUSH (synthetic) - This domed dream delivers a smooth and flawless finish for all your face faves.
  2. JH12 UNDERCOVER LOVER BRUSH (synthetic) - Your under-eye blending game just got a serious upgrade with the help of this luxe babe. 
  3. JH13 POWDER PLAYER BRUSH (natural) - Perfectly curved to apply your powders with absolute precision and then blend everything out like a boss.
  4. JH14 BEST LIGHT BRUSH (natural) - Your highlight will hit a new level of lit thanks to these super-soft, tapered bristles. 
  5. JH15 KNOW YOUR ANGLES BRUSH (natural) - Sculpt and blend like no other while you master multi-tasking with this sweeping beauty.
  6. JH44 SHADOW HUSTLE BRUSH (synthetic) - This small-yet-mighty brush knows how to pack, place, and pop your shadows. 
  7. JH45 BLENDING BOSS BRUSH (synthetic) - The blend’s the best part with this large-and-in-charge brush.
  8. JH46 MIGHTY DEFINE BRUSH (natural) - Shorty knows how to werk it and hit all the right spots. 
  9. JH47 EPIC EYELINER BRUSH (synthetic) - No matter your liner formula of choice, this edgy brush tackles everything from tightlines to straight-up lines. 
  10. JH48 COVER STORY BRUSH (synthetic) - Say bye-bye to those dark under-eye circles and imperfections, and hello to the real conceal deal. 
  11. JH49 THROUGH THICK & THIN BRUSH (synthetic) - A double-ended brow brush to sculpt, shape, and smooth those gorg arches of yours. 
  12. JH50 SLIGHTLY SHADY BRUSH (natural) - This brush is on everyone’s lids for some all-over color action. 
  13. JH51 NICE & PRECISE BRUSH (natural) - The name tells it like it is. This brush is a precision pro when applying cream and liquid shadows and concealers.
  14. JH52 DETAIL OBSESSED BRUSH (synthetic) - Tackle the detail work so you can master the art of that coveted cut crease (and then some). 
  15. JH53 FO’ CHISEL BRUSH (natural) - Get your eyes in a good place with this detailed babe. 
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