Morphe x Pony Constellation Sky Artistry Palette

Morphe x Pony Constellation Sky Artistry Palette
Brand: Morphe
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A 39-shade curation of multipurpose pigments for eyes and face to recreate Pony’s signature ethereal style. For you to bronze, highlight, blush, and more, bring your artistry to a cosmic level with this complimentary mix of matte, metallic, and holographic finishes.

Shades include:

Row 1

  • Ooyoo: pale peach, multi-use shade.
  • Breathe: pale peach shimmer, multi-use shade.
  • Lunar: fawn, face shade only.
  • Juno: baby pink, multi-use shade.
  • Mood: pink, multi-use shade.
  • Jangmi: dusty mauve, multi-use shade.
  • Polarity: orchid purple, multi-use shade.
  • Bora: lilac, for face, multi-use shade.

Row 2

  • Noru: dark coral, multi-use shade.
  • Time: brown and gold shimmer, multi-use shade.
  • Signs: blush brown with gold flecks, face shade only.
  • Sarang: dark dusty rose, face shade only.
  • Solstice: dark pink with silver shimmer, multi-use shade.
  • Orbit: dark mauve with gold flecks, face shade only.
  • Mass: dusty purple, face shade only.
  • Gravity: eggplant, face shade only.

Row 3

  • Phase: brown, multi-use shade.
  • Interstellar: brown, gold, and white swirl with shimmer, face shade only.
  • Moonstone: pale gold shimmer, eye and face shade.
  • Ddalgi: bright salmon pink, face shade only.
  • Teardrop: iridescent peach shimmer, eye and face shade.
  • Nebula: mixed purple and pink with shimmer, face shade only.
  • Inner: dark pink with gold shimmer, face shade only.

Row 4

  • Knit: light fawn shimmer, multi-use shade.
  • Deep Space: light fawn, multi-use shade.
  • Quartz: light pink shimmer, face shade only.
  • Pink Sapphire: magenta pink shimmer, face shade only.
  • Glistening: rose purple shimmer, multi-use shade.
  • Ruby: purple shimmer, face shade only.
  • Lucid Dreams: periwinkle blue, face shade only.
  • Lavender Shower: light blue shimmer, multi-use shade.

Row 5

  • Bummie: chocolate brown, face shade only.
  • Lightyear: dark gold shimmer, multi-use shade.
  • Crescent: chocolate brown shimmer, multi-use shade.
  • Daze: mulberry, face shade only.
  • Deep: mulberry shimmer, multi-use shade.
  • Meteorite: silver blue shimmer, face shade only.
  • Stardust: bright purple, face shade only.
  • Bamboo: dark blue, multi-use shade.

Net Weight: 54.5 g / 1.92 oz.

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