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Learn the secret of Red Carpet Ready Skin with my Magic Skin Trilogy, which contains my award-winning Magic Cream and my two new anti-ageing and youth-boosting products - the stem cell cream-elixir Magic Night Cream and fast turnaround Magic Eye Rescue for a goddess-gorgeous skin trilogy that gives incredible results, no matter how dehydrated or lacklustre your skin may feel. Over the past 20 years and working with the world’s leading laboratories I have poured all my skincare know-how into creating the ultimate, youth-boosting trilogy that turnaround for your skin!

The trio boast a secret mix of patented anti-age ingredients including Winter Daphne Stem Cell Elixir, Time-Released Retinol and de-ageing BioNymph Peptides* that helps to transform tired skin into new baby skin! My skin actually looks younger than it did 5 years ago…

The Magic Skin Trilogy includes:


  • The magical ingredient BioNymph Peptide is a genius, patented anti-ageing hero that may stimulate collagen production, fights free radicals, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and boosts skin elasticity.
  • Powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E naturally helps to heals skin and reduces inflammation for a clear, model-like complexion.
  • Frangipani nourishes and soothes the complexion.


  • The rich texture of my cream-elixir contains a live second skin Red Algae Marigel, which is rich in Calcium and Magnesium, for smooth, soft skin with a protective barrier against environmental and ageing damage.
  • Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract may improve the binding of skin cells to mimic the skin’s natural structure for a more youthful-looking, firmer-feeling complexion.
  • Olus Oil gives the cream-elixir its soft, velvety touch and rich texture.
  • Caster seed oil has super moisturising powers and is rich in fatty acids for cashmere-soft skin.


  • Age-defying Botanical Eye Contour Complex contains rice & soy peptides, plus yeast protein, which helps to brighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and improve skin texture.
  • Skin-saviour Saccharide Isomerate is like an isotonic energy drink for your skin! It has water-retaining properties, which after long-term use may help with smoother and firmer beautifully soft skin.
  • Time Released Retinol molecules are another anti-age hero that help to boost the rejuvenation process of skin cells, whilst stimulating the collagen production through out the skin to appear younger and more radiant, as if lit from within.


Morning: STEP 1 - Get glowing, youthful skin by applying my Magic Cream to the tips of the middle three fingertips of each hand and blending into the cheeks upwards and outwards in an angel wing motion. For a 5 minute work out for your face to lift your complexion and boost collagen try my Tilbury Tap Pro-Collagen Facial. It will relax your facial muscles, de-congest puffy skin and give you a wide-awake, fresh-faced dewy radiance!

Night: STEP 1 - For age-defying, plumped-up dewy skin apply a generous layer of my Magic Night Cream to face and neck in small circular motions working from the centre of the face outwards using your fingertips. Use my wonder workout Tilbury Tap Pro-Collagen Facial to sculpt and define your facial framework and give Red Carpet Ready radiance.

Night: STEP 2 - Apply a small, pea-size amount of my firming and toning MAGIC EYE RESCUE to the tip of your ring finger and gently dot under the eyes on the top of the cheekbones. Then gently tap above the eyes across the brow bones and repeat the tapping in a circular motion all around the eyes to reduce puffiness and allow the cream to work its magic!


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