Nivea Japan UV Deep Protect & Care Gel SPF50+ PA++++ 80g

Nivea Japan UV Deep Protect  & Care Gel SPF50+ PA++++ 80g
Brand: Japan Beauty
Product Code: Skin Care
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Strong UV protection
■ It also provides excellent protection against UV-A which causes low stiffness and elasticity, and UV-B which is mainly responsible for staining.
- Adopts a three-dimensional UV film that is resistant to sweat and water. Super waterproof and protects against strong UV rays even in contact with sweat and water. (Tested for 80 minutes of water resistance)
■ Recommended for beaches, pools, sports, leisure, or when going out with strong sunlight.
Beauty care UV that can prevent hair from sunburns.
Moisturizes your skin while preventing stains and freckles from sunburns.
★ Serum Ingredients (Moisturizing) Composition: Gold and silver flower extract, pearl protein extract, damask rose water, BG
Discrete small wrinkles caused by drying
Validation tested
It feels amazing on the touch and feels great to use.
The rich gel will melt and absorb your hands and skin, and it becomes lighter and tight.
Every time you touch it over time, you will feel moisturizing like beauty care.
Can be removed with soap (no special cleansing required)
A well-made gel that can be used for a full body.
For face and body Can be used as a makeup foundation
Clear floral scent with a refreshing and transparent feel.

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