Pixi Vitamin-C Lotion

Pixi Vitamin-C Lotion
Brand: Pixi
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Pixi Beauty Vitamin-C Lotion is an Antioxidant-rich facial moisturizer that deeply hydrates, protects your skin from sun damage and boosts natural luminosity.

This Vitamin-C Lotion provides the finishing, radiant touch your skin deserves. Not only is your skin treated to rich hydration, but you'll also enjoy the benefits of key ingredients known for their abilities to revive, protect and revitalize the skin.

Use the Vitamin-C Lotion daily as your go-to moisturizer or as needed for a skincare pick-me-up.

• This skin-brightening Vitamin-C Lotion helps you achieve a healthy glow.
• Lotion with Vitamin-C promotes collagen production for optimal skin health.
• Helps improve skin tone to give a smoother complexion.
• Contains Fruit and Lactic Acid to hydrate.
• Formulated with Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon Oils as well as skin-soothing Olive Oil.
• Suitable for all skin types
• Paraben-free
• Not tested on animals
• Volume: 50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz

How to Apply

• Use daily, or as often as needed.
• Step 1: Cleanse facial skin with a Pixi Beauty cleanser.
• Step 2: Apply a Pixi Beauty face toner.
• Step 3: Apply a Pixi Beauty facial serum.
• Step 4: Massage a small amount of Vitamin-C Lotion onto your face.

• Vitamin-C brightens & promotes collagen production
• Ferulic Acid provides an Antioxidant boost
• Probiotics protect & balance

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